Sunday, December 13, 2015

Uninspired at Seattle Central Library

12/13/15 ink, colored pencils
I can’t blame the location.

Nearly two years ago when the Friday sketchers met at the Seattle Public Library’s Central branch, I was inspired by the spectacular architecture and floor-to-ceiling windows cut at strange angles. So this morning I was looking forward to sketching there again with the full Urban Sketchers Seattle group. I spent the first half hour or more roaming from floor to floor (which, in itself, is a challenge, because some floors can be accessed from the long, chartreuse escalators while others can be accessed only by elevator), but I just couldn’t seem to find a spot that called to me.

12/13/15 ink, colored pencil
Eventually I found an intriguing straight-down view over a railing to sketch a couple of guys using computers on the floor below. After that, I made a half-hearted sketch of a man viewing his tablet (with some of those crazy windows behind him), but I had to accept that I just wasn’t inspired there today.

It was still fun to see everyone else’s sketches, and street parking is free on Sundays, so it wasn’t a total loss. A few years ago when I felt uninspired at a sketch outing, I used to be struck by the fear that it was all over – I’d never feel inspired again. I’m relieved that that stage didn’t last long, and I know that some days are just like that. As far as I’m concerned, an uninspired day of sketching is still better than any day of not sketching. 


  1. I like that bird's eye view of the people on the computer...good job even if you weren't inspired by the location today. I'm suffering from withdrawal. I haven't sketched anything new in 3 days (luckily I have a backup) due to the 2 day show I was doing with my plein air group. It will be great to get out somewhere to sketch tomorrow.

  2. That downward-looking sketch is kinda cool. I would never have thought to draw such a view. I sure understand the feeling of showing up at a place and feeling uninspired. In my case, I've come to believe that it has nothing to do with the space or the people I'm with but rather my fickle subject preferences. Goes with the territory I think.


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