Friday, December 4, 2015

6mm Parallel Modified

Modified 6mm Pilot Parallel nib
Shortly before I left for Japan, I had just discovered Andrew Tan’s modification of Pilot Parallel nibs. I tried it immediately on my 3.8mm Parallel with exciting results, but I was a little reluctant to try it on my 6mm Parallel, mainly because I really like that nib the way it is. So I ordered a second 6mm Parallel, and it was waiting for me when I got back from Japan.

Yesterday – wet and dreary as it was – was a good day to work on the modification. This time I followed the advice of people on Facebook who saw my previous post and suggested that I take smaller steps in sandpaper grit from coarse to fine, so I used this sequence: 220, 320, 400, 600, micromesh (12000). I have no idea if those were appropriate steps, but I guess I don’t care, because the mod took less time than it did with the 3.8mm, and the nib is surprisingly smooth – once I got to the micromesh stage, I simply “flossed” the parallel nib blades, and the pen was good to go!

Edited 12/23/15: See this post to find out what Ive been doing with the hacked 6mm!


  1. Nice work. I'm sure we will be seeing some nice sketches done with it.

  2. I guess we don't have to suggest that you share the sketches you make with it :-) Glad you're doing this and I look forward to your results. -- Larry


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