Saturday, December 12, 2015

More Rainy-Day Bookbinding

My October and early-December sketchbook is bound.
My latest sketchbook feels split: Most of it contains sketches from October before I left for Japan, and the rest of it contains sketches from the end of November after I returned, plus early December. The front cover is a montage of colorful leaves I sketched with nothing but inks for Inktober, and the back is a sketch of Thor and Merida, who posed at Drawing Jam.

After I fill a couple more sketchbooks, I’m going to be in trouble: I’m almost out of space on the two bookshelves (see below) I had cleared off a couple years ago. (The photo at the very bottom shows what my handbound sketchbook collection looked like in April 2014. It didn’t take up even one shelf back then.)

Other than carefully selected sketching and art-related books, I rarely purchase hard copy books anymore – the public library and my Kindle are my best space-saving friends. Despite that, I still have a big collection of books that take up space in my two bookcases. I guess this means I have to clear off a few more shelves. L

Running out of space on my sketchbook shelves!

My handbound sketchbook collection in April 2014.


  1. I just love how great the sketchbooks look with them all being the same size!

  2. It IS a problem.... filling shelves and boxes with sketchbooks. I have only one self - and now a box - for my sketchbooks. I think I have a plan for what to do when I run out of space... but first I'm going to try purging other items.

  3. It's really beautiful! All those hardbound sketchbooks! Can you imagine having a whole room, a private library, filled with shelves of your sketchbooks and favorite sketching and art books! Maybe you need some custom cabinet work... 😉

    1. Thanks, Wendi! I can definitely imagine it. . . but it's not going to happen in my small house! ;-)


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