Thursday, December 17, 2015

Third Santa: Score!

12/17/15 inks, colored pencils
Despite getting a late start on the season, this afternoon I scored my third Santa!

After meeting friends for lunch at Southcenter, I knew I should be getting back to Seattle pronto if I wanted to beat rush-hour traffic (which starts about mid-afternoon), but I couldn’t resist a quick dash through the mall to find Santa. Little brother started bawling and jumped off the big guy’s lap almost immediately. His older sister, however, was happy to have Santa to herself, reciting a long list of gift ideas.

I paid for that sketch with a long, crawling commute, but Santa was worth it.

There’s still a week yet before Christmas . . . last year by this time, I had scored three Santas, too. Think I can go for a record-breaking fourth?

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