Monday, August 24, 2015


8/24/15 ink, watercolor, colored pencil
Around this time of year each year, I start seeing signs of the season of Denial. That’s when I’m not ready to see summer come to an end, but the trees keep reminding me that fall is closer than I want to believe it is.

This year, however, I’m OK with letting summer go, if only because it was one of the longest on record. Since June we’ve enjoyed week after week of sunshine, clear skies, and record-breaking heat and consecutive rainless days. This isn’t as good as it sounds – drought and treacherous wildfires continue to devastate the region. Even as I feel terrible for the loss of life and damage this weather has caused, I’m also grateful for and joyful about the best outdoor-sketching season ever.

I’ve been seeing trees tinged with yellow and orange for several weeks now. Instead of turning, some look downright scorched. These maples in my neighborhood near Lake City Way are still mostly green, but the tips of the branches have that tired, faded look. Weary of all the heat and sun, they’re ready for some good ol’ Pacific Northwest rain. So am I. 


  1. I am NOT ready to see summer end. I know you have really had a long, hot stretch out there. Hopefully there will be some relief for the drought conditions soon. Great job on the tree and the cars. You are so good at vehicles.

  2. That is a gorgeous sketch. Sounds terrible, the droughts. We had plenty of rain in northern Europe, wish some could have gone your way.

  3. You can have some of our rain... we've had days and days of it. It's been a horrible summer here, but brightened by your lovely sketches :)

  4. Say it ain't so. Summer started so late. It can't end already. Hopefully this tree is an anomaly, but it makes a great sketch in any case.


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