Thursday, August 13, 2015

Washelli Fountain

8/13/15 inks, watercolor, colored pencil, white acrylic marker
Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park occupies both sides of Aurora Avenue North at around North 110th. The last few times I sketched there, I stayed on the east side of Aurora. This morning I decided to explore the west side.

Unlike the east side, which has an interesting Dough Boy memorial and angel statuary as well as a military section, the west side is relatively simple by comparison. I drove around a while looking for a sketch, and down in a valley surrounded by trees, I spotted a small fountain. Mounted on a pile of mossy rocks, the fountain was pouring water into a somewhat murky-looking pond. Rows and rows of small, flat markers were nearby.

Despite the heavy traffic on Aurora, the cemetery was serene. It’s become one of my favorite places when I want a quiet, undisturbed moment to sketch and enjoy the cool shade of large trees.

Technical note: I’m really liking the Molotow white acrylic marker I had picked up impulsively at the Sennelier store. It works much more consistently than the white Uni-ball Signo gel ink pen I had been using, especially over watercolor. I don’t think I could have sketched the fountain’s water today without it.

1 comment:

  1. The white acrylic marker is perfect for the thin arcs of the water! Nicely done. Some people hesitate to sketch in cemeteries, but I find they have some really lovely spots and usually quite a bit of shade.


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