Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Table Sketch and MSP to SEA Randomness

8/19/15 ink, colored pencils
As you know, I don’t have much of a track record for sketching my meals, even when I have every intention to do so. Unlike many sketchers who routinely sketch their food, I’m always too hungry and impatient. During dinner one evening at an Italian restaurant in Minneapolis, however, I came as close to sketching a meal as I will probably ever come (below, right). The table was covered with white paper, the crayons were provided, and the food hadn’t yet arrived: the ideal setup for sketching the wine.

8/18/15 crayon
To round out this last post of trip randomness, I’ll end with two sketches of fellow travelers. Instead of the mandatory airport sketch of a plane waiting at the gate, the poor, tired dude (above) trying to nap at MSP was a lot more fun to sketch.

Once aboard Sun Country flight 283, I did my usual sketches of nearby passengers. The guy in seat 19C (below) was noteworthy mainly because of what I eventually learned about him: He’s a sketcher, too (a left-handed cartoonist, at that).

8/19/15 ink


  1. Who knew you'd be sketching a sketcher?! Good travel sketches, Tina. I like the personal view aside from the usual one outside on the tarmac.

    If you want to do more restaurant mealtime sketches, I guess you'll have to add a roll of butcher paper and a box of crayons to your sketch kit. Heheh.

  2. How great that you caught someone napping at the airport! I always draw on the table when they give me crayons...but I don't usually sketch the food. Good job of sketching.

  3. Pretty cool to be able to draw on your table. Sketching makes every trip a true adventure.


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