Saturday, August 22, 2015


8/22/15 inks, colored pencils
I’ve sketched quite a few buskers in the past few years, but the one I sketched this morning at the University District Farmers Market was a first: a didgeridoo player! I sized up the didgeridoo twice to make sure I got the proportion right – it really was a bit longer than the player was tall. It must be a tiring instrument to play because the musician kept taking lengthy breaks between songs.

8/22/15 inks, colored pencil
I wish I had captured the young classical violinist more accurately – this preteen girl was much cuter than the way she looks in my sketch. Actually, the most notable part about this sketch is her shadow. You’ll notice that it’s coming out toward me, which means I was looking directly into the sun as I sketched. Like most sketchers, I don’t like sketching with the sun in my eyes, but today, the sun is an eerie orange ball that you could look at with unshaded eyes. That’s because of the heavy layer of smoke in the air from all the wildfires still out of control in central and eastern Washington (as well as several other western states). We’re used to overcast skies here, but today’s sky looks very different and spooky. Three firefighters lost their lives this week battling those blazes. 

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  1. Those fires are really scary! I remember being in Arizona one year when there were wildfires in the southwest and seeing the smoke in the sky. That is such an odd instrument. It must take a lot of air to make a sound come out of that. Nice sketches.


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