Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maple Leaf Summer Social

7/29/15 brush pen, colored pencil
Last night was our neighborhood’s 20th annual Maple Leaf Summer Social at Maple Leaf Park. It’s a fun, low-key family festival highlighted by free ice cream bars donated by Maple Leaf Ace Hardware/Reckless Video owners Mike Kelly and Kathy Stephenson. Last year they gave out 1,750 ice cream bars during the two-hour event! Not to be outdone, Flying Squirrel Pizza gave out free pizza slices, too. Kids got their faces painted and balloon animals made, and everyone enjoyed live music and the cool breeze on a hot evening.

Scarfing down our Dove bars before they melted, I looked around for a sketch while Greg searched for photo opps. New to the festival this year was a Seattle Police Department mounted police officer and his horse, Chance, a 10-year-old quarter horse. I even got a sticker!

7/29/15 inks, colored pencils
Eventually I wandered over to listen to the band and stood behind the musicians so I could get more of the park in the composition.

Free ice cream, live music, sketching – that’s my idea of a perfect summer night.

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  1. My, my, what a full night! Ice cream, pizza, a sticker, and sketching. Sounds like a winner to me! Love the sketch with the person petting the horse and the one of the band. Good sketch outing.


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