Sunday, July 19, 2015


7/17/15 ink
Under any circumstance, hands are challenging to draw, and from a distance, they’re nearly impossible. When I’m sketching people, I usually focus on the face and body posture, but when I get to the hands, I dismiss them with a scribble.

I took the bus downtown twice during the past week, giving me lots of time to practice sketching fellow commuters. On these three people in particular, I had good views of their iPhone-engaged hands. (I did also draw their faces and some parts of their bodies that the hands were attached to, and you may see them eventually, but I wanted to focus on their hands in this post.) The strangest view was the pair of hands at right – that scrolling left thumb. We were given the rare gift of the opposable thumb, and this is what we choose to do with it! 

7/17/15 ink
7/14/15 ink


  1. Hands don't get much attention when I'm quick-sketching people either, Tina. In a minute or so I can barely get the basic head/body proportions right :-)


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