Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Looking West

7/1/15 ink, water-soluble colored pencils, Molotow white acrylic marker

Greg wanted to scope out some potential spots for fireworks viewing this Saturday. It was still early – this afternoon is supposed to be another scorcher – so I tagged along for a sketch. We headed over to the north end of Capitol Hill and walked along Harvard Avenue East, which parallels Interstate 5. Looking west over the freeway, I saw a lovely blue and green view of Lake Union, Queen Anne Hill and the Olympic Mountains. Unfortunately, I hadn’t thought to bring my landscape-format book, so I had to limit my sketch to the Lake Union section (visible once again are no less than four construction cranes!).

Just after I finished sketching, I remembered that this week’s theme in the Urban Sketchers Flickr group is skylines!


  1. How great that you were scouting locations to watch the fireworks! This looks like a nice unobstructed view. Nice sketch...almost like a map.


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