Monday, July 20, 2015

I Forgot the Broccoli

7/20/15 inks, colored pencil
The past weekend was so hot – a record-breaking 97 degrees yesterday – that I didn’t get out to sketch at all! Heat makes me grumpy in general; you can imagine how crabby I was that it kept me from sketching outdoors. Thankfully, our heatwave broke overnight, and I woke to a cool stream of air coming through the bedroom windows – ahhh! Relief!

After a busy morning of appointments, errands and shopping, I got home and realized I had forgotten the broccoli. This afternoon, it’s a pleasant 76 and sunny, so I dashed back out for the broccoli from the Green Lake PCC. My ulterior motive in choosing that food store was that it has a quiet, shady courtyard where neighborhood workers bring their bag lunches or stop for coffee. It’s also an ideal place for a 15-minute sketch on a busy day to celebrate outdoor sketching weather again!


  1. Glad you had a break in the heat to do this nice sketch of the courtyard!

  2. Ha, our world is indeed, in ill-health. You're dealing with lots of heat; I'm dealing with temps that are barely breaking 70F - in mid-July :-( I had to wear a jacket to go sketching today.


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