Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sketchbook Detritus

Larry Marshall recently blogged about what he calls his sketchbook’s “dirty laundry” (which, to his credit, he airs liberally in the post) – all the experiments, scribbles and other stuff between the more finished sketches that he shares online.
I certainly have my share of sketchbook pages that I don’t post online, but because I post sucky sketches on this blog along with ones I like, I don’t have as much dirty laundry as I expected. Most of my sketchbook detritus is composed of sketches I began but couldn’t finish because my subject walked (or flew) away. Quickly going through my folders of digitized images (I scan every sketchbook page, regardless of what’s on it, for the sake of preserving possibly fugitive media or, heaven forbid, in the case of a lost or destroyed sketchbook), I was disappointed not to find more experiments, studies and evidence of play that Larry refers to in Monet’s sketchbooks.
I need to experiment, study and play more in my sketchbook.


1 comment:

  1. I don't play or experiment much in my journal either. I always want a "finished" sketch which doesn't always happen.


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