Friday, March 15, 2013

Calvary Christian Assembly

3/15/13 Platinum Sepia, watercolor, Hand Book journal
They say three’s a charm.
I’m not sure this sketch is exactly charmed, but I’ve said before that I can be stubborn even as I’m intimidated, so I decided to tackle the Calvary Christian Assembly yet a third time (at right).
It helps that it was a balmy 55 degrees today, so I could get out of the car and view it from a different angle. The first time I tried sketching the tower was last November on a cold day (below left), and no matter where I parked, the cross looked like a straight line, and the tower was overpowered by a tall fir tree. The second time, from a better parking spot, I could at least see the cross (below right), but let’s just say I was having a bad sketching day. I gave up quickly.
Note that today's sketch includes all three of my current and previous sketching nemeses: architecture, cars and trees.
Can I go home now?
11/10/12 Omas Sepia, Zig markers, Stillman & Birn Gamma

2/19/13 Platinum Carbon ink, S&B Gamma


  1. Look at the first two sketches as warming up to this one. It came out great. Sometimes it is so hard to find a spot that gives a good view from the car...and the car is a necessity at times. lol (How well I know.) I like your colorful market sketch and the review of the book. I'll have to get my hands on a copy. I love peeking into the sketchbooks of other artists. That is one of my favorite things to do when I get together with the NUC Urban Sketchers. I love seeing what they are doing and so few of them post them anywhere.

  2. Hi!! So happy to come across your blog here. Lovely, lovely sketches. Love this little church sketch you've done here, and the colourful market sketch as well. As Joan T has said there, some sketches are just made for warming up you hand. I know I do that before I sit down to draw, then it makes for a much less frustrating time getting what you want out. ^_^ I love seeing inside other artits fun to see. But I don't post too much of my own rough sketchs online...I should change that. *laughs* Anyway...wonderful blog and art. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Joan and Erin, thanks for your comments! Yes, you're both right about warming up... and there is the satisfaction of finally getting to a sketch I like, even if it takes several tries. Thank you both for the encouragement!


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