Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Bones

3/28/13 Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi ink, Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook
Greg hadn’t yet seen the fascinating “Plastics Unwrapped” exhibit at the Burke Museum, so we decided to head over there this afternoon. I’d already seen that exhibit, so I went searching for more bones.
3/28/13 Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi ink, Zig marker, Stillman & Birn
The cast replica of a full stegosaur skeleton is humongous – each plate on its back is “about the size of a stop sign,” said the docent who was talking to a class of enthusiastic third graders behind me. Even if I’d had my largest 9 x 12 sketchbook, I probably couldn’t have fit the whole skeleton into my sketch. As it turned out, I had only my tiny 4 x 6 sketchbook with me, so I had to be selective. Despite its scary plated skeleton, this beast ate only plants 140 million years ago, so its jaws were relatively small.

(Technical note: I’m really starting to like this Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi ink. I filled my Lamy Nexx with the sample of it that I got from a couple weeks ago. The black ink line washes with a slightly cool gray. But is it worth $28 a bottle? Hmmm. . .)

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