Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Rally for Ukraine


2/25/23 Rally for Ukraine, Seattle Center

Coincidental to USk Seattle’s sketch outing at the Seattle Center on Saturday, a rally in support of Ukraine was happening at the same time. In addition to the bright yellow and blue Ukrainian flags and wraps that participants wore, the primary visual focus was a tidy arrangement of children’s shoes and boots on the ground. Until I Googled it later, I was unaware that the shoes represent the hundreds of children who have died since Russia invaded Ukraine one year ago.


  1. How great that you were there for the rally and were able to do a sketch! How sad to think about all the lives that have been lost in this conflict.

    1. I don't get out much anymore specifically to participate in rallies, so it was good to have this opportunity by coincidence. I certainly hope the conflict will end soon.


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