Thursday, March 2, 2023

Outdoors and Indoors at Seattle Center


2/25/23 KEXP radio's cafe

After we had to make a last-minute venue change on a cold afternoon, we were afraid USk Seattle might have a small turnout at the Seattle Center, but as usual, our hardy members didn’t disappoint! Gathering at KEXP radio’s café (now managed by Caffe Vita), we had our choice of sketching anywhere at the Center or staying cozy inside the café.

Already chilled from sketching the rally in support of Ukraine before the outing began, I warmed up with a mocha and Ching’s company inside Caffe Vita (above). A huge venue with large windows on one side, it was a fun place to make a backlit sketch.

Climate Pledge Arena and Space Needle

Fortified, I wandered around outside for a while, looking for an interesting composition. It’s been so long since I’ve sketched at the Center that I was feeling sentimental about the Space Needle. I didn’t have to go far to find this view of it behind Climate Pledge Arena (left).

Chilled again, I was thinking about going back to Caffe Vita when I spotted Sugar Bakery & Café across the street (it’s hard to resist a café so blatant about its primary ingredient). I grabbed a table with an ideal view to make another portrait of the Needle. I know it’s easily recognizable even if I get it wrong, but I always think it’s important to get its proportions right. (It’s my civic pride as a native.) I suddenly realized that the top of the Needle is made up of five stacked ellipses (below) – no wonder it’s challenging to draw!

Sketchbook notes: This was my first sketch outing using only my A6-size Hahnemühle sketchbook. As I had anticipated, sketching across the gutter annoys me; I have to plan the composition to make sure the crack doesn’t land in an unattractive spot. But I must say it was really nice to carry my small and light fitness-walking bag instead of my larger, heavier bag. The A6 is also much easier to hold while standing than my usual A5 sketchbook.

A6 Hahnemuhle next to my mini-size Rickshaw bag 

It's not visible, but I also have a pocket-size Uglybook next to the A6 sketchbook. Less weight, less bulk, a much easier daily-carry. . . will I be able to stand the smaller sketchbook full-time?

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  1. Nice sketches of the Needle! I like the backlit sketch too. I'm glad that so far the smaller sketchbook is working out for you.


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