Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Hardy at Hing Hay Park

3/25/23 Hing Hay Park and King Street Station

I know I say this after nearly every outing, but USk Seattle is made of hardy stuff! The temperature was 35 F on cloudy Saturday morning at the International District’s Hing Hay Park, yet more than 30 turned out for it. By the throwdown, we were rewarded with full sunshine.

Although I’ve sketched the distinctive, modern Gateway many times, it’s hard to resist the bright red sculpture at the park’s entrance. This time, I walked (backward, as sketchers will do) up the street a ways so that I could put the iconic King Street Station tower behind it (at left).

That small sketch didn’t take too long, but after chatting a while with friends, I was thoroughly chilled. Across the street, I looked for a café with windows facing the park, and Go Poke fit the bill. Although I’ve had better poke, I can’t complain: A long row of window seats gave me a view of a park shelter with traditional Chinese tiled rooftops (below).

Hing Hay Park shelter from Go Poke

(In both sketches, I was a little annoyed that I had only my CMY-based primary triad. It’s a vibrant mix that I usually like, but I can’t get a good vermilion with this particular magenta/yellow combo. Although I’ve lately been getting into less realistic hues, especially when I use a secondary triad, some colors are important traditionally. I wished that I had remembered the park’s icons – it would have been easy enough to grab a vermilion pencil on my way out.)

3/25/23 Light rail riders

Violinist Vicki Ault

On my light rail rides to and from the International District, I sketched a few fellow riders. The best light rail sketch, though, was the surprise when I got off: A violinist and a pianist were performing at Roosevelt Station. I thought they were buskers, but their sign said they were with Bach in the Subways, which I learned is a worldwide program from March 21 – 31. The violinist I sketched was Vicki Ault (with Karin McCullough, pianist). How lucky Seattle is to take part in the delightful program – and serendipitous that I happened to be there at the right time.

Hardy as ever!


  1. Your group is definitely hardy. I like your sketches of the park and I'm glad you found a warm place to continue sketching. We haven't really attempted sketching outdoors as a group yet. Some of us have gone outside to sketch for a few minutes but for the most part we've been indoors.

    1. We are trying to meet only at locations that have both indoor and outdoor options so that people who are not comfortable being indoors due to COVID can still join us. But it's been tough all winter! Really looking forward to spring!


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