Monday, March 6, 2023

Coffee Shop Stories

This time of year is miserable if your fitness routine depends on being outdoors. The carrot on my stick to get out for a walk is always a sketch along the way, but sometimes I need a second carrot: A warm-up at a coffee shop before walking home again.

2/20/23 Green Lake Starbucks

At Starbucks one day, a couple was playing chess (above) – unusual to see anywhere and especially at coffee shops, where most patrons have their noses buried in their phones or laptops.

The subject of my second sketch there was unusual, too: A patron taking notes on paper – no laptop in sight (at right).

At Kitanda Espresso, a woman wore a tall stocking cap – like she had something hidden up there. Through the window, I saw a corgi wearing a black jacket. He and his human waited for a second human to come out of PCC. 

Today is the first day of the annual One Week 100 People Challenge, which I’ve been taking part in since 2017. I’ll post whatever I sketch during the week on Instagram and catch up here on my blog when it’s over. I hope you’re joining in, too!

2/27/23 Outside PCC

2/27/23 Kitanda Espresso


  1. I think most days lately it has been warm enough here to go out walking (especially right now since it is about 50 degrees at 4:00 pm), but I can't motivate myself to go out first thing in the morning like I had been in the habit of doing for so long. And there is no coffee shop within walking distance to lure me out. lol Instead I do an exercise tape before I do anything else in the morning. I should start walking in the afternoon. I'm glad one of us is motivated. I went out today to do my first batch of people.

    1. Have a fun week sketching people, Joan! I see that you already got a great start yesterday!


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