Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Warm, Cool and Gage


11/6/21 Gage Academy, Capitol Hill neighborhood

During the lunch break in Sarah Bixler’s workshop, my brain was full of “color temperature.” It was a wet, blustery day. In my parked car facing the Gage Academy building across the street, I used my usual CMYK-based primary triad, but I saw it in a very different way this time. I suddenly saw how the same three hues I have using for months could be used to practice seeing the world as color temperatures. Heck, any colors could be used that way – now that my eyes are open. The dark, gray, blah winter ahead is suddenly looking brighter!


  1. Good for you that you went out on your lunch break to practice with your triad. Nice!!! Looking forward to what you do this winter with this concept.

  2. Wow, I love the concept of drawing with color temperature! I would love to learn more, so very interested in your exploration.

  3. Thanks, Joan and Cathy! This topic is hot for me (as well as warm and cool ;-) ), so you'll be seeing more, for sure!


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