Sunday, November 14, 2021

Study? What Study?

11/10/21 Wedgwood neighborhood

It takes a lot of focus and discipline to learn something new instead of automatically doing what I do all the time. Wanting to continue studying the color temperature relationships I learned about last weekend, I drove around Wedgwood looking for the right view. This glowing yellow tree stood between a bluish-gray house and dark blue car – a perfect warm/cool study. I chose yellow and Prussian Blue pencils to do the job.

Although I’m usually not interested in drawing the cars that inevitably show up in my sketches, somehow I got distracted by trying to get their proportions and foreshortening right. And then although the exact shade of yellow for the tree wasn’t important for a study, I pulled out three yellow pencils trying to capture that brilliant fire. Wow, Prussian mixed with those yellows turn into an interesting dark green. . . hmmm, that tree behind it looks like a utility pole without any limbs showing. Why does that house look like it has a double roof? I wonder what that yellow tree is. . .

Before I knew it, the sketch was done, and I had totally forgotten about my color temperature relationship study! On the upside, I caught one more bit of fall before our next spate of rainy days.


  1. Glad you found some color...and I guess it distracted you a bit. Nicely done!

    1. You and I both keep our eyes open for any bit of color! ;-)

  2. As someone in the middle of experimenting with new media, I loved your first sentence. Soooo true.


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