Monday, November 22, 2021

Birthweek Cakes

11/18/21 Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

It’s important to milk celebrations for as long as possible.

My favorite neighborhood bakery is Honoré Patisserie & Espresso, which is (dangerously) within walkable distance of home. I’ve sketched several of the bakery’s creations before devouring them, sometimes with friends. Since it’s closed on Tuesdays, I couldn’t go on my birthday, but that was fine because it meant I could extend the indulging further into the week.

After our morning walk through the neighborhood, we made a stop at Honoré so that Greg could buy me a slice of cake. I thought I was set on the chocolate ganache, but then I spotted apple cinnamon bread pudding, which brought back tasty memories of the best bread pudding I’d ever had, years ago in New Orleans. I was hemming and hawing about which to get when he said, “Get both.” (That’s why I married that man.) He was happy that Honoré always has several gluten-free treats for him, too.

I daresay Honoré’s bread pudding was even better than the one I remember in New Orleans. However, it was certainly difficult to sketch, especially the challenging texture. I rarely sketch my food, but maybe I should – I could use the practice.

As it turned out, the ganache was even trickier! As I started drawing the swirly pattern on top, I immediately regretted making this sketch. And the fluted pastry liner with all those pleat shadows! The sketch was taking longer than I wanted, and it was keeping me from devouring the cake! Arrghh!

I’m going back to my personal policy: Don’t let a sketch come between me and my food.

11/19/21 Chocolate Ganache and gluten-free Coconut Macaroon

Milkin' it.
Whew... done at last so I can get to the important part!


  1. Your sketch of the apple cinnamon bread pudding looks like it should be an advertisement! Your pastry sketches are awesome!!

    1. Wow, thanks! Maybe I should see if Honore would trade me pastries for the sketches! ;-)


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