Monday, November 8, 2021

Cluttered Color


11/5/21 Licton Springs neighborhood

On the other side of I-5 and to the north of Maple Leaf is the Licton Springs neighborhood. Although it’s close enough to walk to, the streets look quite different – wider, more traffic and, strangely, more signs.

Having exhausted all the fall color on my side of the freeway, I wandered to the other side to see if any was left there. Alas, most of it had blown away with our strong winds and heavy rain. I did, however, run into this cluttered intersection with plenty of color – but not the kind I was looking for. An overcast sky turned into rain, then sunshine and back to clouds – all in the duration of this sketch (about a half-hour). That’s November in Seattle.


  1. Nice sketch of the area. It does have noticeably wider streets. Hope you had a dry spot for sketching.

  2. I am really enjoying your exploration and sharing of color pencil sketching.


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