Friday, August 21, 2020

Twin Houses

8/14/20 new houses in Maple Leaf

Toward the end of June, I made a couple of quick sketches of some new houses going up in the ‘hood. Huge compared to most houses in Maple Leaf, they’re also extremely close together. I’ve been wanting to sketch more of their progress, but the street and sidewalk in front of them are narrow, so I haven’t felt comfortable taking too much time there.

I recently discovered that a short alley runs behind the properties, giving me an undisturbed view from the back. The two houses are identical, so I didn’t bother finishing the second one.


  1. I think I would want a bit more space between me and my neighbor. Glad you found a good sketch location for this.

    1. Yeah, I hope these two neighbors like each other! ;-)


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