Saturday, August 22, 2020

Saturday Morning

8/15/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Early Saturday morning in this alley has a special kind of quiet: Some sleep in after a long work week; chores and errands haven’t yet begun. Open summer windows reveal the soft clinking of breakfast starting. In the distance, someone opens and closes a trash can lid.

Technical note: Following the advice of nearly everyone I’ve ever learned from, I started with a thumbnail. I liked its composition, but when I mentally fixed a perspective problem, I decided I liked a square better.  


  1. The square does seem like a better compositon. When all I did was draw edges, I didn't find much use for thumbnails. Now that I'm trying to think more in terms of light and shadow I find the very useful.

    1. I'm pretty sure most of my sketches would be better if I made some thumbnails first, but I rarely seem to remember that advice that I've heard or read so many times. ;-)

  2. Doing a thumbnail was useful here because you realized the square composition would work better. I love the shading in this. Well done, Tina!


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