Sunday, August 23, 2020

My Right Hand is Growing on Me

About a month into my non-dominant hand drawing practice, my sketches probably don’t look vastly different, but my right hand feels very different. Now when I pick up the drawing instrument with my right hand, it no longer feels like I’m trying to manipulate it with a mitten on. My left hand doesn’t have the urge to grab the pencil away. I can’t say it feels “natural” to draw with my right hand, but it’s no longer frustratingly slow, either. My right is still not as strong as the left, but it probably takes a long time to build strength.

At the bottom of the post, I’ve included my latest writing sample and the one from a couple of weeks prior. This time, I can definitely see improvement. I’m not practicing my writing at all – I’m just taking a sample once a week, so any changes in my writing are a direct result of the drawing practice.

8/6/21 writing sample

8/21/20 writing sample


  1. LOL As a former teacher I must say you have made progress with your writing. :)


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