Monday, August 17, 2020

Second of Three Volvos

8/10/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Last week I showed you an old Volvo I see frequently on my walks around the ‘hood. Shown here is the second of three I’ve seen in the same area. Parked against the freeway wall across the street from the first, this is the one the owner drove off in last time, so I was nervous that he might do the same while I was in the middle of sketching it. Luckily, he didn’t.

Perhaps the not-quite rectangular license plate and the uneven line of the back door look like the result of my sloppy line work. Indeed, I worked carefully to show the bent plate and the dings in the door. One of the windshield wipers stuck out at an awkward angle. The car has seen better days, and yet it also seems to have many more ahead.


  1. I like how you are showing us the character of these cars...dings and all. Nice!!


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