Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sue’s People From the Outside In

6/2/18 Seattle Center Armory

Sue Heston may have scored the highest weather points of the spring USk 10x10 workshop season yesterday morning at the Seattle Center. Under blue skies and sunshine, her students worked hard practicing Sue’s concepts for “Sketching People From the Outside In.”

I didn't get to see Sue's sketch of me, but here's mine of her.
As Sue began the workshop outside the Armory, I sketched her through the “donut” sculpture. (Incidentally, when I had incorrectly thought yesterday was National Donut Day instead of Friday, the actual day, I had big plans to sketch this sculpture! But just because I had the event wrong on my calendar didn’t mean I couldn’t sketch it anyway.)

I hardly had time for this sketch, though, before she moved her students to different areas of the Seattle Center to demonstrate her techniques. In one demo, she got Jane to model for her. During another, I was in the middle of sketching her when she decided to sketch me. Apparently I was a good example as she showed how to determine which leg a standing model’s weight is on – an important element in drawing a convincing figure.

With another appointment to get to, I could observe and sketch Sue’s workshop only for a short time, but it was fun to eavesdrop on her lessons, especially in that sunshine.

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