Wednesday, June 27, 2018

So Close: Tombow Fudenosuke Gray/Black Brush Pen


Last December I issued a short wish list of sketch materials that I’m always looking for but can’t find – usually because they don’t exist. Since then, one item has been completely fulfilled – a custom-made sketch tool case with upright slots – and another partially fulfilled (though in a bulky way) – a double-ended pencil holder that stands in for bicolor pencils.

Now a third wish list item has been fulfilled, though again only partially: a brush pen with black ink on one end and gray on the other. I had been enjoying the Akashiya Keicho double-sided brush pen, but ideally, I wanted one with waterproof inks. Tombow has come out with the Fudenosuke gray/black double-sided brush pen (read my full review at the Well-Appointed Desk). The two best features about this Tombow is that the inks are waterproof and the fiber tips have held up after three months of regular use (many brush pen tips tend to mush down under my heavy hand). My only complaint (there’s always one, isn’t there?) is that I want the gray tip to be wider so that I can shade large areas swiftly. So close! Still, this compact tool has been serving me well, and it’s going to stay in my bag until something better comes out.
Tombow Fudenosuke Double-Sided Gray/Black Brush Pen


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