Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anita Makes Expressive Marks in Georgetown

6/9/18 Vendors prepare for Georgetown's annual Carnival

Last week Sue scored the highest weather points for her USk 10x10 workshop. But yesterday in Georgetown, Anita Lehmann got extra credit for both turning the rain prediction to sunshine and holding her workshop in the middle of Georgetown’s Carnival!

Anita's students at work while vendors set up around them.
The annual street fair made parking a bit more scarce than usual in the neighborhood, but her students all made it to class at All City Coffee for “Charcoal/Graphite: Expressive Mark Making.” With curious coffee patrons occasionally peeking over her shoulder, Anita demo’d a blind contour drawing of her hand as her students followed suit.

Eventually the class took to the streets, which were fortuitously closed to cars for the Carnival. More than once, Anita was warned that her demo spot would soon be taken over by a vendor’s tent, but we all know that having to move to accommodate other urbanites is part of urban sketching. Despite interruptions from low-flying jets (the usual “Georgetown pause”), she gave her demos and helped her students with aplomb.

The All City Coffee "classroom"
Showing blind contour exercises

Luckily, the streets are closed to traffic!


  1. Sounds like a crazy place for a workshop, but yes, we urban sketchers do learn to adapt to almost anything. lol

    1. It IS a crazy place for a workshop, but we love it for subject matter!


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