Tuesday, March 15, 2016

20 More Punches

3/14/16 Zebra brush pen, Canson drawing book (1-min. poses)
It’s taken me two years, but I finally filled another 20-punch card at Gage’s life drawing studio. While I certainly do gain satisfaction from looking back at my sketches back then and seeing my progress, the greater sense of accomplishment comes from filling the punch card. Because I believe strongly in the power of process – the importance of the practice rather than the result – my punch cards have become symbolic of that regular practice (well, somewhat regular – I only go when I can’t sketch outdoors!).

The first few times I attended life drawing sessions in 2012, I remember that I was so tense and anxious the whole three hours that I’d come home stiff and exhausted. Fairly quickly I must have learned to relax, because it became addictively fun. Mind you, it never gets less challenging – I am as confounded by the human figure today as I ever was four years ago – but the challenge is what keeps me coming back for more.

I’ve just purchased my next 20-punch card. The process continues.

3/14/16 Zebra brush pen (2-min. poses)

3/14/16 Sailor Nagomi brush pen, Canson all-media book
(5-min. poses)

3/14/16 Sailor Nagomi brush pen (5-min. pose)
3/14/16 Sailor Nagomi brush pen (15-min. pose)

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  1. Your figures are getting better and better. These have such nice lines.


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