Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Idle Moments

3/16/16 Zig marker, fountain pen, Field Notes
I was meeting a friend to walk around Green Lake, and I arrived three minutes early. It was enough time to pull out the Field Notes notebook I keep in the tiny bag I take when I’m fitness walking. The only sketching materials I keep in it are a brown Kuretake Zig brush marker and a Pilot Petit1 fountain pen, but they were just what I needed to capture the long, tangled limbs of this bare tree. (By the way, that Pilot Petit1 hadn’t been opened or used in months, yet when I pulled the cap off today, it wrote on its first stroke. That little pen’s idle time never ceases to amaze!)

10/28/15 ink
Speaking of idle time, I used to have a lot of it whenever I ended up having to wait for other people. I’m no longer familiar with the concept, though, because I fill most of my otherwise idle moments with small sketches. A few months ago, my haircutter had been detained, so while I waited for her, I sketched the lilies in the waiting area. Last fall while we were parked in the passenger pickup lot, waiting for a visitor to get her bag, I sketched a nearby fir tree. Little pocket notebooks are endlessly entertaining that way.

9/12/15 water-soluble colored pencils


  1. Love the sketches! It is great to use that time we used to spend waiting with something productive.

  2. Inspiring thought - I've read it before, but haven't quite embraced it yet. You've motivated me.


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