Monday, March 7, 2016

A Little DNA

3/7/16 inks, brush pen, rain water, S&B Zeta paper
Driving home from the post office this morning, I caught them in the act: Workers in two basket cranes were busy hacking away at trees growing around some utility lines. I pulled over for a sketch. It was pouring rain, so I had to keep turning on my windshield wipers to see, and the workers were fast, so the angles of the cherry pickers’ arms kept changing.

To finish the sketch, I wanted to show the rain running down the windshield. I thought about giving the page a few quick swishes with a waterbrush or a spritz from my sprayer. Then I realized that the fastest and easiest way would be to use a little Seattle DNA: I just opened the window and held my sketch out for a few seconds. Done. 


  1. This made me chuckle! That's definitely turning it into a watercolor. lol Great job on the cherry picker and all the wires.

  2. Did he have a sinister look on his face, Tina? Love the raindrops.


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