Saturday, March 19, 2016

Young Blossoms

3/17/16 brush pen, colored pencils
The tiny cherry tree at left was in full blossom when I sketched it a few days ago. Although it doesn’t look like much – braces keep its spindly trunk from toppling over in the windstorms we’ve been having lately – I’ve sketched it three times in the past month. Replacing a much larger, old tree that had to be taken out a year ago in front of the Seattle Public Library’s Green Lake branch, this little tree seems precious.

I first sketched it about a month ago when I could barely see the buds. Two weeks ago I spotted some pink. Shown at bottom is the old tree that had to be removed for some sewer work (and the excavator digging the hole where it used to stand). I miss that old tree – sketched in February last year, it had always been an early bloomer – but the young one will be fun to sketch, year after year, as it grows. 



  1. I love your cherry blossom sketches, but this internet thing sure makes it hard to endure the end of Quebec winters. Everyday I hope it's going to start warming up and every day the internet brings me spring from the civilized parts of the world :-) Life is hard.

    1. Sorry about that, Larry -- I'll try to send some spring your way!

      - Tina

  2. I'm glad that they at least replaced the tree. It will be fun to see its growth as you sketch it throughout the year.


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