Thursday, February 28, 2013

Filling My Punch Card

10/18/12 pencil (2-minute pose)
2/28/13 Pitt Big Brush marker (2-minute pose)
After last week’s Dr. Sketchy travesty, I wanted to get out to Gage for a real figure drawing session as soon as I could.
Today I used up my five-session punch card, and I feel excessively pleased with myself. Not necessarily because of the sketches that came out of this morning’s drop-in session, but because attending was no longer the agony it used to be.
When I went to my first one last October, I must have been tense the entire three hours, because I went home entirely sore and exhausted. Despite that, I committed to five more sessions by purchasing a punch card because I knew that if I had already paid in advance, I would continue to go (nothing motivates me like not wanting to waste money). 
10/18/12 pencil (5-minute pose)
2/28/13 Nero pencil (5-minute pose)
Life drawing is no less challenging now than it was in October, but over time I must have relaxed, because I no longer go home feeling sore and exhausted. In fact, today I was a little bit buzzed. No wonder Gage sells life drawing sessions by the punch card – they know we’ll be back for more.
Shown here are some sketches from two sessions. On the left are 2-minute and 5-minute sketches from October, and on the right are sketches of the same durations from today. Below is a 20-minute experiment today using unusual media – a magenta water-soluble colored pencil and diluted blue ink.
2/28/13 Albrecht Durer water-soluble pencil, diluted ink (20-minute pose)

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  1. I can see the progress in your lines. I think when we are doing something really unfamiliar we tense up and definitely feel it later. I hope you continue to go to the classes. It sounds like you are finally enjoying it.


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