Monday, March 21, 2016

Warming Up

3/21/16 Zebra brush pen (1-min. poses, beginning of session)
The other day Larry blogged about the value of warming up. I was reminded of the short workshop I took with Bill Evans more than a year ago. He talked about his practice of making a dozen or so quick sketches from life every day, usually after work at his favorite neighborhood bar or park. Although he’s been doing it for decades, even over the course of one evening, he sees his own sketches improve from the first to the last.

I definitely see this in my own life drawing practice, too. For me, “warming up” is both literal – getting the blood circulating in my cold hand and arm so that they move more fluidly; and figurative – a loosening of the line and gesture. And I’ve noticed that the longer it’s been since the last time I’ve practiced, the longer it takes me to feel warmed up.

3/21/16 Zebra brush pen (1-min. poses, end of session)
The sketches at the top of the page are my first two one-minute sketches this morning at Gage. By the end of that 20-minute set, I wasn’t fully warmed up, but getting there. Usually by the end of the two-minute poses, I’m feeling sufficiently ready for the longer poses to come.

You always have to toss the first pancake just to get the pan seasoned.

3/21/16 Sailor Nagomi brush pen (2-min. poses)

3/21/16 Sailor Nagomi brush pen (5-min. pose)

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  1. Great to see how your sketches change as you warm up. Super job!


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