Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tinker’s Dram in the Shade

6/26/15 ink, colored pencils
Yesterday afternoon was blazin’ hot (from my Pacific Northwest perspective, where June is usually wet and cloudy) at Phinney Farmers Market. But a cool breeze was blowing through the shaded seating area, and Tinker’s Dram (whom I first sketched two years ago at the same market) was the featured performer on “stage.” Sketching to their toe-tapping music, it’s hard not to feel cool!

Speaking of cool, I love all of their hats! (Well, almost all of them.)


  1. They look like they have a lot of style! Nicely sketched!!

  2. Great sketch, Tina. I struggle to sketch musicians because the music draws my eyes to their fingers and what they're doing with them. My brain works in mysterious ways :-) --- Larry


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