Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Another Little Library

6/23/15 ink, watercolor, water-soluble colored pencils
Yesterday’s sketch of the Little Free Library at Early Masters reminded me of another LFL I had spotted in the neighborhood several months ago. This one is on Latona Avenue Northeast near Northeast 82nd. In addition to being carefully constructed, it is also painted on the sides with designs depicting books. For example, one side has Mary Poppins floating down with her umbrella over a mountain. The sides are also painted with quotations about books and reading. With glass panes, the windows have nicely rounded corners. Lavender and many other plants are growing on a rockery behind the library. It seems very welcoming.

Interestingly, directly across the street is another Little Free Library that was obviously built by the same person from identical materials and in the same architectural style, but a different artist decorated it. I’ll save that one for another brilliantly sunny day like today to sketch it. (So many of these little libraries are designed like small houses; I might even be getting architectural sketching practice from this series!)


  1. Funny how they are all like little houses. Good sketch showing the design with the books in front. I know they have these in other places besides where you live, but I have never seen one here.

  2. Last fall, one of my Kirkland Arts Center students told me about one near where I teach. It took me three tries to find it. Then I became aware of one just three houses down the block from our house! I, too, have been waiting for just the right lighting and a good opportunity to sketch these. GMTA! :)

  3. Oh, and I meant to say how much I enjoyed this sketch and your writing.


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