Sunday, June 28, 2015

Greenwood Car Show Quick Stop

6/27/15 Inks, watercolor, colored pencils
A summer event I always look forward to is the Greenwood Car Show. Growing larger every year, the “mile and a half of classic rides” is a land of dreams for people who like old cars – and all the stories that go with them. I had the most fun two years ago, the first time I sketched there. Last year I got rained out and came home with a very soggy sketchbook.

That’s why I was especially looking forward to yesterday, the show’s 23rd year, and equally disappointed when I realized the date conflicted with a workshop I was taking! No matter – if I hurried, I could squeeze in a little more than an hour of sketching cars before dashing downtown for my workshop.

6/27/15 Inks
First up was a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr with an entirely matte grayish-white finish and covered rear wheels. Next I sketched a gorgeous lime green ’72 Buick Riviera with an impossibly long front end. (I don’t think I got the proportions quite right – it didn’t seem like it could be that long!) Glancing at my watch, I knew I had to get going, but how could I attend a car show without sketching a convertible? On my way out I spotted a ’67 VW Bug convertible just in time.

6/27/15 Inks, colored pencil


  1. I can just picture you scooting from one car to the other to sketch them. LOL Great job on all three of them. If I had to pick I would want the VW convertible. I can feel the wind in my hair now.

  2. Looks like it was a fun time. Love your VW. I went to a car show myself, last weekend. Great show and good day but I experienced something new - too many people wanting to talk to me while I sketched. Normally I love those conversations but this day they became continuous and distracting. Blog post to come. --- Larry


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