Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tina’s Top 11 Memorable Sketches

This time of year, it’s a media standby to list the top 10 events of the past 12 months, so I might as well do it, too. Instead of choosing my 10 “best” or “favorite” sketches (I don’t like to evaluate sketches that way; they are all part of the same process), I’ve selected 10 that are the most memorable for various personal reasons. Some evoke particularly strong sensory feelings of a place; others represent a change in perception; still others simply took place in unique circumstances. (Clicking the title of the sketch will take you to the original post.)
Suzzallo Library

Jan. 20, Suzzallo Library: Sketching this gothic window during a Seattle Urban Sketchers gathering completely exhausted me!

"Terror Bird"
Feb. 22, Brazilian “Terror Bird,” Burke Museum: Before I tried it, I used to think sketching a skeleton would be too challenging for me. This “terror bird” changed my view: Skeletons are indeed challenging, but they are also so fascinating that they became my favorite natural history subject matter. In fact, I became a Burke member this day so that I could look forward to sketching many more skeletons.

UW cherry trees
March 30, University of Washington cherry trees: On a record-breaking warm spring day (wearing flip-flops in March is unheard of!), I joined hundreds of people simply rejoicing in the beauty of cherry blossoms.

"Waiting for the Interurban"
May 10, Waiting for the Interurban, Fremont neighborhood: On a particularly sunny and pleasant day, the Friday sketchers gathered in Fremont to sketch icons like this sculpture. Despite the continually obstructing stream of traffic as I sketched, I remember being perfectly comfortable in the mid-day sunshine, basking in the fun.

Greenwood Car Show
June 29, Greenwood Car Show: Sketching these classic cars and chatting with their owners helped me to slay a sketching nemesis. Though they remain challenging, now I think cars really aren’t so bad, a thought that was reinforced a few days ago at the LeMay Car Museum.

Arc deTriomf
July 13, Arc deTriomf, Barcelona: Sketched at the culminating gathering of hundreds of sketchers during the International Urban Sketching Symposium, the Arc de Triomf is now a symbol for me of feeling a part of that worldwide community.

Koln Cathedral
July 18, Köln Cathedral, Köln: This sketch was a record-breaker for me, the longest I have spent on any one sketch – two hours. The day was sunny and warm but not yet hot. As I sat with my back against a pillar, hundreds of commuters busily walking by without so much as a glance at the cathedral, I continually marveled to be in the presence of such architectural splendor.

Maple in Wedgwood
Oct. 12, maple tree, Wedgwood neighborhood: Just one of many trees I sketched last autumn, this maple helped me slay a second sketching nemesis. How could I find an enemy in a sketch subject that gave me so much joy to portray?

Smith Tower
Nov. 15, Smith Tower sketched from the Columbia Tower: It wasn’t just that it was my birthday celebration that made this day special. A view from the 73rd floor makes everything seem grand and amazing.

The Seattle Sketcher on New Day
Dec. 16, Gabi’s appearance on New Day Northwest: I had never been in a live TV studio audience before, so the event was memorable in that regard. Sketching the Seattle Sketcher on the program made the event even more memorable.

From Hiroshima to Hope
Edited 12/29/13: I suddenly remembered a sketch event that was especially memorable for me because it was one of few opportunities I’ve taken for actual reportage sketching: The “From Hiroshima to Hope” annual commemoration in honor of the victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. I thought about eliminating one of the other sketches from this post, but who says a “top 10” list has to be limited to 10?

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  1. Great top 10 for the year!!! You've sketched such great places and assorted views. Hope the upcoming year is just as good!!!


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