Monday, December 30, 2013

Leafless in Seattle

12/30/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown and Platinum Carbon inks,
Sailor pen, Zig markers, Canson Montval 140 lb. paper
Two months ago I sketched this same maple tree in all its autumn splendor just a couple blocks from my house. Although it has lost all its leaves, it has gained a yellow caution sign, which was missing last time. It’s nice to have that spot of color, even if it’s only a sign.

I was struck by how many tiny, twiggy branches extend from all the limbs. As much as I miss the brilliant orange and gold leaves, I am fascinated by the complex network of lines formed by the now-visible branches. Instead of the wet-on-wet watercolor challenges I had in October, I now have equally difficult pen-and-ink challenges (ideal for my Sailor pen, which can render the heavier main trunk branches as well as the thin twigs). As long as I can find trees that can be sketched from the car, I hope to have as much fun sketching them this winter as I did during the fall.

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