Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa Wears a Hoodie

12/27/13 Diamine Eclipse ink, Sailor pen, Zig marker, Fabriano hot press 140 lb. paper
Although I didn’t meet this year’s goal of sketching more than two Santas, I think I should get extra credit for sketching someone who could easily be Santa on his day off – dressed in a hoodie.

He was one of several people I sketched today at the Seattle Center Armory who looked like they might reside there permanently – or at least during all of its open hours. Many of them seemed to be carrying all their worldly belongings in a knapsack and using the Armory tables to nap or read.

12/27/13 Diamine Eclipse, Zig marker, Fabriano hot press paper

The Friday sketchers chose the Armory for today’s outing because we knew it would still be decked out for the holidays, and the Seattle Center’s Winterfest was still ongoing. But to tell you the truth, I am over Christmas, especially hearing “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Santa Baby” on Dec. 27. So I was content to sketch the Armory’s “residents” instead of decorated trees and wreaths (Santa in a hoodie not withstanding).

12/27/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown and Iroshizuku Take-Sumi inks,
Fabriano hot press paper

My last sketch subject was Stephanie Bower. She was only a few feet away from me but was so focused on painting the elaborate turn-of-the-century train and village in the Armory’s center that she didn’t notice me sketching her.

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  1. I like your Santa-like sketch. You always find interesting places with lots of people!


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