Monday, November 11, 2013

Dry Pen

11/11/13 Lamy cartridge, 100 lb. paper
Whenever I go fitness walking around Green Lake, I always take an ultra-compact sketching kit (you can see it on my Current Favorite Art Materials page toward the bottom) in case I spot something interesting, but I don’t use it often. That means the pen – a Lamy Vista filled with a standard Lamy ink cartridge – gets a bit dried and clogged from lack of use.

This morning a heron was as close to shore as I’ve ever seen it, leisurely scanning the water and just asking to be sketched. Cursing the whole time, I eked out this one-minute sketch with the nearly dry Lamy. (Still, it counts as a drawing for NaNoDrawMo, so it wasn’t a total loss.) Lesson learned: I have to include that pen in my regular rotation of fountain pens to keep it running smoothly.

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