Thursday, July 4, 2024



6/27/24 Sketched from live video broadcast

7/4/24 Have a safe and happy 4th!

I have no idea how non-sketchers are able to stomach presidential debates. I sketch to keep my eyes from rolling permanently into the back of my head.

Here’s how it went in 2020 and, even more memorably, in 2016, when my sketching room was especially appropriate.


  1. Non-sketchers, at least some of them, make up drinking games, so choosing a word a phrase they suspect will be used often and when it does, downing a drink. I saw one such suggestion for this recent debate and unfortunately for the drinkers, neither phrase was uttered. It didn't keep me from drinking though. Only ten or so minutes in, a certain candidate was literally driving me to drink so I could stay listening. I curse a lot as well - I'm watching by myself so I feel free to curse and scream, eye-rolling too but it's never enough - lol. And I really don't want any permanent physical memory of most debates, especially this one, so no sketching.

    1. I should've had my own drinking game while sketching... that would have livened up the sketches a bit! ;-)

  2. Happy 4th of July! At least you got one good thing out of watching the debate. Here it was just nausea.


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