Thursday, October 20, 2016


10/19/16 brush pen, colored pencils

If you know what it is, then you’ll sympathize. Of course, the “prep” is the worst part, and mine happened to fall yesterday during the final Presidential debate. Knowing I would have to spend much of the evening there, I decided to set up camp with my laptop in one of our bathrooms so that I could sketch the candidates.

I also sketched the second debate last week. Unfortunately, we were eating dinner while viewing that one, and it killed my appetite. My GoLytely experience was more satisfying.

10/9/16 brush pen, colored pencil


  1. Oh, Tina. I have to laugh. Hope the news is good.

  2. Sketching Trump would have definitely killed my appetite. Good sketching!

  3. Yeah, actually I do. I first knew about it while working in hospital and my comment was that it is misnamed because you don't.....

    Bathroom seems the appropriate place to watch the debate. I received my ballot today and filled it out. I. Am. Done!

    1. I'm filling in my ballot this weekend. . . it was the longest election season ever!


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