Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Portland, Part 3: USk Portland at Tanner Springs


6/25/24 Tanner Springs Park, Portland

Another highlight of my trip down south was meeting up with Urban Sketchers Portland. Vicky Porter, a sketcher I had met at a couple of USk symposiums as well as Sketcher Fest last year, kindly organized an ad hoc outing for my visit. We gathered first at Ovation, a Moroccan coffee shop near Tanner Springs Park, then spent the rest of the time sketching in or near the park.

Sunny and growing hotter by the minute, the morning drove all of us toward shade, which was cooled by the ongoing breeze. Most of the others chose to sketch inside the park, which includes a unique, humanmade pond filled with lily pads, other vegetation and small fish. I tried to make a tonal study contrasting the reflective water, stairways, an unusual barrier wall and the geometric walkways, but I had trouble separating the tones of the various types of shadows. It was a good challenge to attempt, though.

After that, I walked around the park and made a few small street scenes, including a couple of Portland’s many bridges.

A few scenes around the park

Many thanks to Vicky and USk Portland for coming out to sketch with me! I learned that a number of Portland sketchers will be coming up for Sketcher Fest next month, so Seattle USk will have an opportunity to reciprocate.

I know I say this every time I travel, but the single biggest benefit of being a member of Urban Sketchers is being able to find fellow sketchers to meet with no matter where I go – whether it’s the other side of the world or just across the state border.

Tina, Vicky, Cindy, Leslie and George at the throwdown

Leslie, Vicky, Paula and Tina at the park


  1. I like your page of sketches of the park. I agree that one of the really nice perks of being an urban sketcher is meeting other urban sketchers from different locations. I haven't had the opportunity to travel and meet other sketches in quite a while, but we have had sketchers join us in NYC from all over the world lately. It is really nice to meet them...and they are always nice people!

    1. Yes to all of that! I can see how NYC would get many visiting sketchers... one day I hope to be one! :-)


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