Monday, May 13, 2024

Thornton Place


5/8/24 Thornton Place, Northgate

After an appointment in Northgate, I remembered that it had been ages since I last sketched at Thornton Place. Although it has lots of nice umbrella’d tables, it’s not sheltered, so it requires at least a little warmth and dry weather to be comfortable. A bit breezier than I like, it was still a comfortable 63 degrees and with clear skies to spare.

This page isn’t much of a comic in terms of a “story,” but it’s one of my favorite page compositions so far. According to Scott McCloud’s criteria for modern comics, maybe my “story” is simply wanting to capture the feeling of spring (at long last) when café umbrellas open and people want to be outdoors.


  1. I like that you've showed the different stages of umbrellas. Nice!!

    1. Thanks for noticing that, Joan! I thought they were a fun compositional device as well as fun to draw!


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