Friday, May 17, 2024

Diary Comics: Enjoying the Process

5/7/24 Imagination

Although I’m not making them daily as I was during my 30-day self-challenge, I’m pleased to say that I am still making diary comics almost daily, which is good enough for me. I don’t want to be compulsive about keeping up with any activity; I just want to be confident that I enjoy a new habit enough that it will continue to “stick.” Indeed, I enjoy thinking about ideas for diary comics, even if I don’t complete one each day. The ongoing thinking is a big part of the creative process and a worthwhile challenge.

5/4/24 Memory and photo reference

A few more learnings and breakthroughs:

  • I’m relieved that combining drawings from life and drawings from imagination or memory in the same comics has become a seamless, liberating experience. (This was a big hurdle when I first began.) If I were pressuring myself to make all sketches from live observation, I definitely wouldn’t be making as many comics. In addition, some panels would not accurately illustrate what I want them to because I’d be limited by what I can see or draw at the time. Under pressure, they would definitely be less fun.
  • I’m starting to care less about drawing quality and more about the story. While I always want my drawings to be as good as I can make them, if they aren’t quite right but they communicate what I’m trying to say, that’s good enough for diary comics. I certainly wouldn’t re-draw them any more than I would edit a journal entry.
5/13/24 Top sketch done on location; others from imagination and photo reference


  1. I enjoy seeing what you are going to include next. Keep them coming.

  2. Gosh you have been drawing so much recently! Enjoying your experimentation with the Uglybooks paper and mediums. I can see how you could incorporate hiakus in them. Yeah caring more about the story does seem to be a good way to go. When I try to make it clear+interesting storytelling, it usually falls into place for me. And yes I agree "I certainly wouldn’t re-draw them any more than I would edit a journal entry." There is so much happening in your daily life! So fun to read about :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Drew! Your real-life comics have been very inspiring to me! :-)

  3. The above comment is by me, Drewscape. Somehow, I can only sign up as anonymous:)


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