Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Lure of a Sketch

1/14/24 The Brothers, Olympic Mountains

With the deep freeze we had a couple of weeks ago and the more recent “atmospheric rivers,” my daily walking-fitness program in January was miserable-to-spotty. Sometimes when it’s cold, wet and windy, not even the lure of a potential sketch can get me off my duff.

1/10/24 Maple Leaf Park

1/23/24 Green Lake neighborhood

Most days, though, I grumble all the way out the door, but by the time I reach the end of the block, I’m already looking around for something to sketch. And after I’ve sketched, the walk is always worth it.

1/13/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood

1/19/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood

1/28/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Material notes: I finished filling the half-filled red Uglybook, and now I’m onto finishing the orange one that I started during InkTober. I only used one spread in it then, though, so it’s almost like starting a brand-new book. I think I have only two more partially used books to finish filling, and then I can start my plan of completing each Uglybook from cover to cover before starting a new one. Let’s see how I do with resisting the temptation of switching among all the new colors!

Fed up with fighting the white Posca, I went back to a Sakura Gelly Roll for a while (another white pen that works well – until it doesn’t). Oddly enough, my Facebook “memories” reminded me of my white Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen (the ink is the same as the bullet tip I reviewed a while back except that this one has a brush tip), so I pulled it out. It’s not opaque enough to use the way I like to, so it won’t be a permanent go-to, but I’m trying it again for a while. In the sketch above of the excavator, I drew the cab’s dark interior with a black Uni Pin, then colored the window glass with the white Pitt. The translucency gave the window an interesting effect.


  1. Love the contrast of the blue against the orange page. Yesterday was probably the first time I walked outside in about 2 weeks. It was either bitterly cold or too wet to walk.

    1. I love picking out a contrasting Posca color for each Uglybook I use!


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