Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Palm Tree Nocturne

12/3/23 6:45 a.m., Maple Leaf neighborhood

While their house was undergoing extensive renovations, the neighbors across the street had moved out for nearly a year, including last holiday season. Without even a porch light on, their vacated house was dark and dismal, especially compared to the blinding runway next door. They’ve moved back in, and it was nice to see their cheerful but subtle lights go up a few days ago.

That’s not a skinny Christmas tree in their yard; it’s the trunk of their little palm tree, which I have sketched several times, including last December when it was dusted with snow. Wrapped in lights, its profile is very different in the dark.

Technical note: I sketched those colored lights with a new set of Uni Posca Glitter Paint Markers (edited 12/29/23: Review at the Well-Appointed Desk). Usually at this time of year, I find myself buying some kind of metallic or otherwise sparkly product, even as I insist that I’m not a shiny, glittery kind of girl. But the holidays don’t count, right? (And even as I put Posca markers on my year-end Flop list, I get more. This love/hate relationship runs deep, as does my contradictory nature.)

New sparkle!

Speaking of new sparkle, this sticker somehow got produced (my glittery alter-ego apparently works quietly at night). 


  1. You shine and sparkle from the inside out, my friend. But you are Dr Jekylla and Ms Hyda on those Poscas. Merry and bright blessings be on you during this season. -Roy

  2. Ah...Weather Bunny got a bit of glitter. I like the glittery markers against the black for the nocturne. Somewhere I have shimmery gel pens but I haven't seen them in eons.


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